What Can I Do Around My Home With Reclaimed Wood?

Wood is one of the primary tools you need to make sure you have on hand when the time comes to start building something. Whether it is a treehouse, a new addition to your home, a shed, or something else entirely, it can be beneficial to have access to some sources of wood you can use without breaking the bank on brand new pieces of lumber.

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This is where the concept of reclaimed wood comes in. Whether you want to use it to build something onto your home or simply use it for small projects, there are several applications that reclaimed wood can come in handy for.

Make a Fancy Bedside Table

You can use reclaimed wood to make yourself a very elegant looking bedside table to place your lamp, books, and smartphone when you lie down at night. Why buy a bedside table when you make your own out of some nice, vintage wood?

Make a Nice Birdhouse

Give the birds in your yard a nice place to hang out in the spring and summer with a birdhouse made out of elegant-looking reclaimed wood? It can be simple to put together, and when it is finished, you will have made a shady spot for every bird in the neighborhood to check out.

Work on Some Bookshelf Made of Vintage Wood

Are you an avid reader who wants to make your own small place to fit your collection of books? If so, reclaimed wood can come in handy for making a bookshelf of your own to hold your library.

If you don’t think you have the time or skills necessary to work on your own projects with reclaimed wood, you can always simply pick up the phone and learn about handyman jobs in costa mesa ca to get your projects taken care of by an experienced professional.