The Best Ways to Achieve a Quick, Healthy Recovery After Tooth Extraction

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Having to have one tooth, or even multiple teeth pulled, can be quite the experience that you probably never want to have to go through. You’re probably aware that the extraction is going to be in the best interest of your continued good dental health, or else your dentist would not be recommending it.

You probably already know what you can expect from the procedure, as your dentist should outline the process from start to finish before getting started. The longest part of this process isn’t actually the extraction itself, but the healing process, which can take several days to a week depending on your activities.

To help speed your recovery along, keep some of these tooth extraction aftercare clinton hints in mind so you can bet back to living your normal life in no time at all.

1. Avoid any type of suction.

You should make a point to avoid anything that requires suction for the first few days after your extraction is complete. Suction of any type could lead to dry socket, something that would set your recovery back quite a bit. This means you should avoid drinking out of straws, smoking cigarettes, and anything else requiring suction should be thoroughly avoided.

2. Get plenty of rest.

One of the best ways to keep your recovery going along is to simply not overexert yourself. Make sure you get plenty of rest when you can, and take any prescriptions you might have received from the dentist as prescribed.

3. Watch out for aspirin.

While you may be tempted to take an aspirin to cut down on any discomfort you might be feeling, you should never take aspirin for this issue, and instead reach for an ibuprofen. This is because aspirin is a blood thinner, which could slow your healing process by preventing a clot from forming at the extraction site.

These are a few basic things you should be doing while you wait on the extraction site to heal up. Follow these tips along with any recovery steps your dentist might have told you, and you should be healed up and ready to return to normal in no time at all.